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Tea, how is it grown and imported from Turkey to Syria

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The tea that is called the Chinese dye from the ready-made dye outside and the start of work, its appearance and appearance, the start of its production, the start of its production,

 the start of its production, the start of its production and the start of its production. People enjoy its unforgettable taste and taste.

When the tea is harvested, the workers harvest it by hand to keep its high quality because the machines are rough, which leads to the destruction of the tea leaves, and the tea gives two crops throughout the year, the first crop is produced in the first spring and the second batch in the summer.

What are the types of tea:

White tea:

Leaves and buds are picked and placed in designated places until they dry naturally or are exposed to heat and then slightly oxidized during the drying process.

 White tea is characterized by its mild taste and slightly sweet taste.


Oolong tea:

It is one of the types that require very complex processing steps and needs a lot of oxidation that takes a long time to complete. Oolong tea is characterized by its sweet, fruit-like taste.

Green tea:

It is processed gently in contrast to oolong tea, and only the top two leaves of the tree are harvested with the bud, then heated to rid them of oxidation and then dried.

 Green tea is quickly made to maintain its green color and distinct, nutty flavor.


Red tea:

It is one of the most popular varieties in the world, as it is picked, brushed to wilt, and then oxidized to dry its leaves completely.

It is distinguished by its strong and clear taste.


Vintage tea:

It is considered one of the most expensive types of tea in the world, as it is treated with fermentation and the use of natural yeast that ages the tea to make its flavor distinctive, and the aging p

rocess is done by means of industrial aging or the natural aging method.

The most important tips before importing tea from Turkey and how to choose the best import and export company

  • It must be ensured that customers request the product to be imported from Turkey so that the products will not be stagnant and not sold.
  • Knowing about all aspects related to the import field because the import process from Turkey is being scrutinized very seriously.
  • Knowing the quality of the product and knowing its price after adding all the costs related to import.
  • Using social media such as Facebook to search for the best import company
  • Determining the types of products that you will request from Turkey with specifying the quantity of goods. The higher the quantity of goods, the lower the import costs.
  • After getting acquainted with the best import company, you should communicate with the company and learn about the offers it offers.


All companies need a good reputation to ensure dealing with them, as importing products from countries is a very delicate matter, so you must choose the best import company. Abu Al-Dhahab is one of the well-known and distinguished companies that provide tea export services to Syria and other countries, and it has achieved great success in its field and is considered One of the best companies in Turkey that is based on specific foundations and standards.

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